Intro to Yoga 101

If you are new to yoga, it can be a little overwhelming but worry not because the experts at Salisbury Yoga can help you have a wonderful first experience, To get you focused and in the right mindset it is important that you understand some basics about the practice known as yoga and how to get the most out of it. As you focus and meditate during your sessions, memories may come to your mind. Welcome them and be sure you do not resist or fight them. Think about your experiences, anything you did learn or could learn now from those moments and how those moments and emotions impacted your life. Focusing your mind on these thoughts quietly helps you connect with them at a deeper level. Usher in a sense of wellbeing by letting your body balance itself and achieve the harmony that it longs for- do not push or hold back- let it flow naturally through you. The main goal of yoga and meditation is to relax and balance the mind spirit and body and here at Salisbury Yoga that is what we want to help you achieve!

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