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Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient discipline which helps to nurture, strengthen, and heal the body, mind and spirit. Yoga works with every aspect of the body and focuses on the breath, on the body's function, and on how the body moves.

Recent scientific studies have proven that yoga :

* Provides a great workout

* Promotes weight loss

* Relieves stress

* Allows for more restful sleep

* Decreases chronic aches and pains

* Induces the Relaxation Response, promoting healing of the body, the mind, and the spirit

* Promotes Mental Health

* Can help eliminate unwanted habits, such as overeating, drinking, or smoking

* Reduces anxiety and depression

* Improves brain power

* Removes toxins from the system

* Helps build immunity

* Builds self-confidence

* Reduces PMS symptoms 

* Is used by the Army to treat PTSD

* Can provide a complete workout

* Rewires your brain so you can deal with stress more effectively

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