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Think Less...

“Better to love much, than to think much… Every moment in our lives comes down to this question: How much love will I allow to flow through this thought, this action, this anything… This applies to everything in our lives.” ~ Carolyn Myss

To explore this topic, please join one of our FREE Online Guided Meditation Groups! This week we'll discuss recognizing and remembering that our essence is pure energy. We are not really this body, this person, this individual, that we all think we are. What we are, what everything is, is energy. If you're anything like me, this concept, this truth, is blowing your mind. Let's practice remembering that together. Tuesday at 12 pm ET (30 minutes) Wednesday at 6 pm ET (One hour) Join Zoom Meeting on your computer or pad by clicking this link: or you can join on any phone by dialing 1-301-715-8592 and then entering the meeting ID #: 856 4929 4455# If you have any questions at all, please reach out!

Support this work...

Thank you to you all for continuing this exploration with me. These weekly Meditation Groups are offered freely so that everyone can benefit. If you feel able and inspired to contribute to this work, donations are welcomed. Thank you!

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