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Special Offering - offered several times a month.

Deeply healing, relaxing and yummy!


This practice is like a private mini vacation - you will feel incredibly refreshed and renewed! It's the perfect anitdote to everyday stress and burnout!

 All levels - absolutely no yoga experience is necessary.


Yoga Nidra literally translates as "Yogic Sleep." Deeply healing and rejuvenating on a cellular level... You will feel refreshed, renewed and wonderful! This practice fosters more restful sleep, increased feelings of wellness and even weight loss! Accessible to anyone…


The benefits  of this practice reach across every aspect of your being: more peace, ease and joy throughout your body, mind and spirit! The best part is that the effects are cummulative - the more you do, the better you will feel!



Salisbury Yoga & Wellness Center

908 Riverside Drive, Salisbury, MD


Yoga Nidra