Therapeutic Yoga Class

Mondays 10:30 am - 11:45 am



Register for just One Class  ($15) or  commit and ***SAVE***  by registering for a Six Week Session: $75!


  • A thoroughly gentle and therapeutic class, accessible to anyone. Can also be done while sitting in a chair.

  • During this class we focus on the healing capacities of the breath and on moving

    the body in a respectful and mindful manner.

  • You will learn to stretch and strengthen the body,

    while easing the mind and nourishing the soul.

  • Therapy for mind, body and spirit.

  • Individualized, custom tailored attention

  • Supports a deepening awareness of the connection between mind and body
  • Monika’s special insights and talents will help you recognize how you can support your goals in life through the Yoga  practice
  • Develop more fitness, flexibility, awareness, and peace of mind in your practice and in your life.


Special Offering: $75 for the whole session

Class will be limited to 8 participants to support individualized attention for everyone.

Register today to reserve your place!



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Monday 10:30 am THERAPEUTIC YOGA, All Levels

Single Class or Six Week Session?

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