Beginner or Gentle Yoga

Wednesdays at 10:30 am


Register for just One Class to try: $15 or* **SAVE*** and register for a Six Week Session: $75


This class is especially designed for beginners or anyone desiring a more gentle practice. Often it is through relaxation and taking it slower that true release of muscular tension happens.   Come work out the kinks in your body and mind with us!


  • Learn and practice Yoga in a gentle, nurturing and supported manner
  • Designed for those new to Yoga or those with some Yoga experience, who’d like to go back to basics
  • Gain a deeper understanding of  Yoga postures
  • Individualized, custom tailored attention
  • Supports a deepening awareness of the connection between mind and body
  •  Monika’s special insights and talents will help you recognize how you can support your goals in life through the Yoga  practice
  • Develop more fitness, flexibility, awareness, and peace of mind in your practice and in your life.

Wednesday 10:30 am : Beginner/Gentle Yoga


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