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Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient discipline which helps to nurture, strengthen, and heal the body, mind and spirit. Yoga works with every aspect of the body and focuses on the breath, on the body's function, and on how the body moves.

Recent scientific studies have proven that yoga :

* Provides a great workout

* Promotes weight loss

* Relieves stress

* Allows for more restful sleep

* Decreases chronic aches and pains

* Induces the Relaxation Response, promoting healing of the body, the mind, and the spirit

* Promotes Mental Health

* Can help eliminate unwanted habits, such as overeating, drinking, or smoking

* Reduces anxiety and depression

* Improves brain power

* Removes toxins from the system

* Helps build immunity

* Builds self-confidence

* Reduces PMS symptoms 

* Is used by the Army to treat PTSD

* Can provide a complete workout

* Rewires your brain so you can deal with stress more effectively

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice of completely letting go, so that we remember the peace and ease which lies at our very essence. The first step of Yoga Nidra is ensuring that the body is extremely comfortable, supported and held. Once the body begins to release, accessing and releasing deep seated tensions, the next step is to work on disarming the mind from its' habitual holding tendencies. Next, we address the layer of emotions, working deeper and deeper into the subconscious.

A practice of Yoga Nidra feels deeply nourishing, soothing, and comforting. The benefits of Yoga Nidra extend far beyond the actual session. During Yoga Nidra, we are effectively rewiring and reorganizing the body/mind in order to uncover and remember the deep peace at our core. Yoga Nidra is an intensely powerful practice. Even the U.S. Army has been using this practice very successfully to treat soldiers returning from war with PTSD or chronic pain.

Yoga Therapy

At Salisbury Yoga, we believe in a Whole Body form of Therapy. You will be guided to excavate and heal deep-seated patterns and dysfunctions, achieving optimal health and wellness. A session of Yoga Therapy may include work in several different disciplines, including Yoga Nidra and EFT, or it may simply stay in the Yoga modality. Each session is geared toward the optimum benefits of the client. Whether the client's body, mind, energy system and emotional attitude needs nourishing, nurturing, or energizing, those needs are addressed with skill and knowledge.

Through Yoga Therapy, physical and emotional patterns of holding, moving and carrying are addressed and reformulated. Yoga always works with the body as a whole system of interdependent habits and samskaras (energy patterns.)




Meditation is a discipline which is very much misunderstood in the current Zeitgeist. Many people come to me and declare,


"I will never be able to meditate, because my brain is way to busy for that."

The object of meditation is NOT to quiet the mind, although that state can often be a very welcome

by-product of meditation. 

The object of meditation is to become skilled in observing the habitual patterns of the mind and learning to realize that the busyiness of the mind is just that: a habit we have become very good at.

A meditation practice is the chance to realize that your habitual thoughts are not who you are, but that who you are,

is the deep peace underlying the obsessive and repetitive patterns of the mind.

Neuro-science is discovering meditation rewires the brain and enables a person to become happier, healthier, and more content in their life. Every day I hear of new research proclaiming how effective and healing meditation can be for any number of physical, emotional and mental issues. As with all of the disciplines offered at Salisbury Yoga, the aim of a  private session in meditation is to give the client another tool to help themselves become more grounded, stable and less reactive to our external world.


Through Breathwork, we methodically remove all of the subtle layers of tension, uncovering what lies beneath. The breath is a unique gateway which can soothe and comfort the overstimulated nervous system. In practicing more relaxed ways of breathing, we learn to incorporate these healing breath practices into our regular life. When stress presents as part of life, the skilled practitioner then instinctively slides into healing and soothing breath practices.


Operating on the same principles as acupuncture, Reiki seeks to normalize the flow of energy in the body, removing energetic obstructions and allowing the body to heal itself. A Reiki treatment is completely nourishing, healing, soothing and energizing, all at the same time. Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing practice using the energy all around us to aid the body in accessing its' own healing potential and knowledge.


Tapping can be used to treat pain, to help remove anxieties and phobias, and to help erase intrinsic habits such as smoking or overeating. EFT is sort of a cross between talk therapy and touch therapy. During a session of EFT, the client may recall and discuss a deep seated issue or trauma while simultaneously Tapping on energetic points on the body. In this way, the repetitive loop in the brain is cleared while the energy system is cleared of the charge caused by the issue or trauma. After a session, the client will of course still remember the issue or trauma, but it often seems insignificant or irrelevant to current behavior. 


Tapping has been proven to be highly effective, often producing immediate, lasting results in a single session.

Monika Lupean, E-RYT 500     410-543-1676

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