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Meditation Classes

Salisbury Yoga Offers Great Meditation Classes

When you sign up for one of Salisbury Yoga’s meditation classes you will want to make sure you go into it with an open mind and the right mindset so you can get the most out of it. Here are three things you can do during your meditation classes to maximize the benefits:

Mentally scan your entire body- from toes to the hairs on your head think about every part of your body to the smallest detail. Focus on every tiny part – each toe, the separate vertebrae of your spine, and the muscles you feel as you move up your body. This helps focus your mind.


Focus on your breathing and note the rise and fall of your chest and the way your lungs expand and contact with every breath. You can also focus on the air and how it feels moving in and out of your body as you meditate. This helps calm your breathing and stills the mind as well.


Welcome any feelings and emotions that come in and face them and focus on them. Do not try and force happy thoughts if none come, face what your mind brings to you. Also do not spend too much time thinking about why thoughts or memories are coming to you just keep them moving in your mind.

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