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Comprehensive List of  Yoga Classes

Available for Members


Yoga to Help You Relax or Sleep


  1. Grounding Yoga Nidra

  2. Refreshing 20 Minute Yoga Nidra

  3. Yoga Nidra & Restorative Yoga

  4. Soothing Yoga Nidra & Breathwork

  5. Yoga Nidra Chakra Clearing

  6. Yoga Nidra Breath Awareness

  7. Deep Stretch: Nothing is Impossible

  8. Restorative Yoga to Release Stress

  9. Unwinding: A Deep Stretch Practice

  10. Yoga Nidra Visual Journey

  11. Stretch Deeply & Release Stress


Yoga to Build Energy & Strength

  1. Breathe, Move, Renew

  2. Energizing Multi-level Yoga

  3. Move Your Body!

  4. Joyful Flow Yoga – 35 Minutes

  5. Spacious Blue Sky- 30 Minute Practice

  6. Yoga: Tone Your Whole Body

  7. 30 Minute Flow

  8. Strengthening Multi- level Yoga

  9. Movement to Calm the Active Mind

  10. Yoga to Open Your Heart

  11. Grounding Yoga Flow

  12. Yoga to Foster an Open Mind

Gentle Yoga (Also Great for Beginners!)


  1. Gentle Yoga to Fit Your Body

  2. Stretch Deeply & Release Stress

  3. Gentle Yoga Break – 20 Minutes

  4. Short Meditation in Motion Break

  5. Gentle Yoga:  Six Movements of the Spine

  6. Gentle Movement Kripalu Yoga

  7. 20 Minute Flow to Wake Up Your Body

  8. Gentle Kripalu Yoga

  9. Restorative Yoga to Release Stress

  10. Gentle Yoga to Ground You

  11. Back Therapy Yoga

  12. Unwinding – A Deep Stretch Practice

Express Yoga: 30 Minutes or Less

  1. Spacious Blue Sky Yoga (30 minutes)

  2. 30 Minute Yoga Flow

  3. Joyful Flow Yoga (35 minutes)

  4. 20 Minute Yoga Flow to Wake Up Your Body

  5. The Six Movements of the Spine (27 minutes)

  6. 30 Minute Yoga Practice to Release Stress

  7. Short Meditation in Motion

  8. Gentle Yoga Break – 20 minutes


Meditations to Soothe Your Mind & Soul


  1. 4 Second Meditation

  2. Welcoming All of You Meditation

  3. Grounded & Spacious Meditation

  4. Becoming the Ocean Meditation

  5. Calm, Safe Mantra Meditation

  6. Free-Style Sound Meditation

  7. One Minute Meditation

  8. Calming Visual Meditation

  9. Meditation to BE with Difficult Emotions

All of these practices  are part of your Monthly Membership. Access  whenever you need - practice when you want -any time of day or night! More will be added weekly.

Gentle Practices, Yoga Nidra Practices to Help You Sleep,  Vigorous Practices when you want to Energize, Meditations to Soothe the

Troubled Mind, many more. Check them out and have fun with us!


Our generous Monthly Membership also includes FREE Weekly Support through our amazing Guided Meditation Groups. Join us!

If you would like a copy of this list to refer to, please email and I will be glad to send you a copy.

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